About 1805



“Funny, how such a small item as a piece of jewellery can contain so many emotions and memories.“

1805 is not only a jewellery collection. It is an entire magical universe where vulnerability is an asset, the courage to let go is a strength, and compassion is a guard against complacency, numbness and fear.

The mythical universe becomes a reality through an interactive book. The story, published chapter by chapter online, paints a picture of Goldsmith’s journey into the art of jewellery-making. As Goldsmith searches for her missing Beloved and seeks a connection between two separate worlds, she discovers the power of memories and stories, which materialise in the form of jewellery.

The pieces of the 1805 collection contain these memories. Inspired by mythologies, the symbolism of old tales and the rugged charm of nature, each piece of jewellery comes with a code that allows the reader to interact with the story and take a deeper glance into it.

1805 is a fairytale become corporeal. The jewels are more than things of beauty – they are lifelong companions and friends; hopes, memories and dreams crystallised to remind you of what is important.