Jewellery Care


The 1805 collection was made to bring you joy and evoke thoughts

The 1805 jewellery collection was created to serve you as a long-lasting friend who tells you to be true to yourself and show empathy towards others. We hope that you will treat your piece of jewellery as you would treat a dear friend. As in life in general, time will leave marks and patina on your jewellery, giving it more character and adding to its uniqueness. However, there are tasks, such as gardening and housework, bathing and exercising, during which we recommend you take it off. We also recommend that you lay your jewellery by your bed during the night to avoid unnecessary wear.

We hope that you will show commitment to your 1805 piece, as together with the 1805 story, it will remind you of honesty, compassion and empathy towards yourself and others.

We have used sterling silver, 14ct gold and bronze in the collection. To clean your 1805 piece, rub it gently with a cotton cloth or a soft toothbrush using tepid water. You should avoid using abrasive detergents, as they will damage the surface and change the look and the feel of the jewellery.

Most of the silver jewellery in the collection has been oxidised to give it a beautiful dark tone. Please bear in mind that this darker tone is only a thin layer and if the piece is knocked against another object the natural colour of silver will be revealed. The darker tone will remain in the dimples and grooves that are not equally exposed to wear. Also, please note that the oxidised pieces must not be dipped in silver detergents. You may use a silver polishing cloth on the surfaces where the white colour of silver is desired. If you are not sure how to clean your pieces, please contact us or consult your local goldsmith or jeweller for advice.

Rock Crystal

The gemstone in the Magnifying Crystal pendant is a rock crystal that has been cut as a magnifying lens. Each and every one of these stones is unique, as we have chosen those that contain the most intriguing inclusions. An inclusion is a mineral, gas or any other material that has become sealed within a gemstone during its formation.


Yellow and reddish orange shades of gemstone quartz are called citrines. You will find citrines in both the Flame pendant and the Lantern pendant.

The sterling silver in the Flame pendant is rhodium plated to enhance the optical illusion that the perfectly polished surface gives to the briolette cut stone. Even when you take a close look at the pendant, it is hard to tell where the light yellow citrine ends and the silver begins.

The citrine in the Lantern pendant reveals shades of warm orange. The best way to see all its glorious shades is to spin it carefully in sunlight.