• Lantern pendant
  • Lantern pendant

Lantern pendant


"A thought suddenly comes to Goldsmith, a vision as bright as the memory of a summer day.

'Hare!' Goldsmith exclaims and rushes to the shack’s porch, calling for the furry creature. Soon Goldsmith spots a pair of long ears emerging from the forest, as the hare dashes towards Goldsmith’s shack.

'I have found a solution, a way to revive the buried feelings! Jewels! With these we can make the townspeople remember and feel again and open the gate once more!'"

Even in the darkest of nights, a glimmer of hope can shine bright with the warmest light. Like it guided Goldsmith in her search of her Beloved, the flame of the Lantern glimmers with eternal hope, guiding you through life’s struggles. Keep it close to your heart to give you hope.


Sterling silver | citrine | 25x49 mm

80 cm chain, sterling silver